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About Us 

AWH has been the #1 source of skateboarding equipment in mid-America for over 45 years. We are a full-line-stocking distributor for dealers interested in servicing beginner to the die-hard skateboarders. 

Our knowledgeable salespeople specialize in customer satisfaction. Our shipping is fast and 99.9 percent error-free, which is why AWH is the preferred source for skateboard supplies. 

In the 1960s, the surf crowd began riding on Makaha and Hobie skateboards. Skateboarding became popular overnight and over 50 million boards were sold within a three-year period. Then, in the fall of 1965, due to inferior product and many safety issues, the skateboarding industry experienced it's first crash.  

In 1973, the urethane wheel was invented and revolutionized the way skateboards rode and performed and a new boom was beginning. Recognizing the potential, we put a large skateboard department into our retail store and were amazed at the instant success we had. Sales exceeded our expectations and we constantly struggled to keep merchandise in stock. 

At the time, the skateboard industry had no distribution channels. Everything had to be ordered direct from many different manufacturers to get a good selection. Products were in short supply and many items took weeks to arrive. 

The problem was obvious. If the skateboard industry was to service the retail dealer, a more effective way for the dealer to get product was needed. 

The skateboard industry needed better distribution and AWH was founded in 1976 to fill this void. By 1979, a number of skateboard distributors existed in America. In 1980, the industry went into its second slump and many went out of business.  

But AWH survived. We kept our focus and waited for signs of recovery. There was a lot of grass roots activity going on. Skateboarders were building ramps and progressing. When skateboarding peaked again in the late 80s, AWH was the largest skateboard distributor in the US. 

AWH continues to be the #1 distributor for many skateboard dealers. Several have been with us from the early days. Our focus has always been for our dealers to be successful. Since our roots are in the retail business, we understand retailer needs. Our sales reps have been involved in skateboarding for many years and they understand the industry. 

If you would like to get involved in this exciting and fast-moving industry, let AWH help you get started.